About Me

Who is Tradam?

I am a developer. I enjoy programming and making my life easier as well as expressing my creativity through game development and world building. My favorite language is Ruby. In general I enjoy doing experimenting and trying new things with computers and software. Ive made a bunch of random things like this website, controlling the lights in my room with a wiimote, a game, and others.

So what's the deal with the name?

Many many years ago as a wee little child I came up with ranking scheme for my fictional space force. This space force had 4 possible ranks: single, double, triple and quadruple. Whatever rank you are changes your first name(well except for single, your name stayed the same). For the other ranks you cut away any constants up until the first vowel(or cut away nothing if there isn't any constants). For double you add a "d" to the start of that. For triple you add a "tr" instead. And for quadruple you add "qu" instead. So for my name here are the possibilities:

  • Dadam
  • Tradam
  • Quadam
  • Ever since I've used Tradam for online things and sort of stuck with it 🙂.

    So what am I doing now?

    Graduated Uni 🥳. So now I'm spending my time concentrating on learning things that interest me, as well as building a new game and adding changes to this website. Chillin' and vibing.

    Me rn

    A peepo being comfy