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The offspring of a human and an Atentian.

Cambions are born with a true name that is given to them by their Atentian parent. This name can be invoked by anyone who knows it to command the cambion to listen and obey unquestionably. For this reason a Cambions will have a second name which they commonly use. Some Cambions will choose to try and hunt down and destroy all those who know their true name so they can truely be free but this is extremely risky.

Their children always result in a Cambion which has the same true name as themselves, permanently staining their family with this curse.

For these reasons Cambions are universally looked down upon, often worse then orcs.

Visually Cambions are simular to their respective human race with a few differences. Their skin colour will often be like their Atentian parent(blue, red, green, etc). Sometimes Cambions will have horns or tails.