Here im going to fill out the way magic exists and rules. Placeholder for now 🙂

Long ago before the great war there was true magic. Magic that could create matter and elements out of supposedly thin air. This however was taken away by the old gods, and subsequently lost to time upon their demise in the great war.

There are two major types of magic that exist and are accessible.


The currently most common type of magic.


Old magic that is largely lost because of its secrecy as well as the slaughter of most of the creators of this type of magic.


Ŝanĝi Lokon

This is portal magic, which transports various elements from other realms to our own. These other realms are often called cornucopias, as they are a seemingly endless supply elements. These other realms contain their own environments, dangers, and monsters that can often be more hostile then the regular world most reside in.


All sentient beings have souls attached to them know as their memories. Even the sentience of gods consists of this powerful magic.

Life Force

Is sometimes considered to be a subset of memory magic, but it is still distinct, all living things are composed of this, amd even some that are less then living.

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