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Reptids consist of all reptile like humanoids, as well as other reptiles. A common attribute among Reptids in this world is that they have a central crystal where their memories are stored. They are generally split into 2 different distinct groups.

  1. Those who share a crystal among their individual tribes. Examples of such races whould the Crocodilians and the Geckians. Rather then individuals having a mind of their own, their brain power contributes and is directly controlled by the central memory crystal which makes decisions for the whole tribe.

  2. Those who have a single or paired memory crystal. Examples of such races are turtles or dragons. They usually try to hide these crystals very well, or are sometimes simply embedded in their bodies.

Creatures from this race are succeptable to a unique disease that does not affect any others known as crytallosis. When crystallosis happens, their body beings to be covered or consumed by cryatals. Creatures unfortunate enough to expeirence this fate are feral even to their fellow tribal mates. They are completly insane.

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