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Ŝanĝi Lokon is a method of using essence from bloodurgy to create various powerful elemental or other effects.

Trying to use bloodurgy essence for raw magic will require a massive amount of essence, for a very paltry amount of magic. Instead a different method can be used that was developed by the Elvish over a century ago just before the great war. It was discovered that there are multiple universes or planes that exist intertwined within our own, or more accurately all with each other. Using a small amount of essence from bloodurgy, matter from these other planes can be shifted from their reality into our reality causing it to appear as if it was created by magic. Although unlike Divine magic where it can truly create new matter, it can effectively create a similar effect.


All the various planes are often referred to as cornucopia as they are planes that have a seemingly endless amount of their resources. Although the matter from these different planes is the same as our own, and exists intertwined with our reality, they dont interact with our reality as the material frequencies are different. The tools used with Ŝanĝi Lokon allow the user to tune to specific frequencies to change the matter or energy from a different frequency to our own, thus making the matter appear as if it came from nowhere.

Ley Lines, Pools, and Gaps

The matter in other planes however is not static and the same everywhere in the world. Just like rivers and oceans in our world, the materials in other planes have directions, intensities, and dead zones. This affects the capabilities of Ŝanĝi Lokon. Commonly these are refered to as Ley Lines(directional power), Ley Pools(areas where there is a lot of matter or energy), and Ley Gaps(areas where there is little or no matter or energy).

leyline example

Using the above image as reference imagine it is representing a plane of fire where the arrows are the direction the flames are flowing in the plane. Should a user cast Ŝanĝi Lokon at position A directed toward position B then the flames would hit and hurt the user. If a user cast Ŝanĝi Lokon standing at position D toward C then the flames would travel at great speed and power toward the target. If a user cast Ŝanĝi Lokon from position C facing A then the flames would appear but not have any additional power or direction. Diagonals thus would be partially affected by the direction of the flames, increasing strength from D to A, but decreasing strength from C to B.

Void Frequency Theory

When attempting to cast Ŝanĝi Lokon attuned to as close to as zero as possibly a strange phenomenon happens where instead of matter being summoned a strong push or pull of matter occurs.

void frequency theory chart

As can be seen in the diagram above, in general the lower the frequency the more powerful force a user can create. However being precise is important as some frequencies cause a 0 net force, namely when the force switches over from pull to push and vice versa. Having a tool and the skill to achieve a low frequency is extremely technically demanding so many users(especially unskilled ones) will opt to use the higher less efficient frequencies.

By utilising the Void Frequencies in combination with a cornucopia a user can control the direction of their magic despite what the ley may be in their location. However combining this with ley lines can increase the power of a spell.

It is unknown how powerful the force at extreme lower end of frequencies can create as it has not yet been possible to achieve. Whether the strength of the pushing force increases or if it flips again at some point is unknown, and the effect and strength of reaching actual 0 frequency is unknown, assuming it is even possible to achieve.

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