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A shape shifting race of beings that originate from the plane of memories. Has a diet that consists of feeding on others memories. They can willingly shape shift between genders although they generally have one form they prefer over the other. Not only do they have the ability to consume memories, but they can also manipulate and change them. They can grow a pair of wings if they manage to consume powerful enough memories, sometimes even managing to grow multiple pairs of wings.

Succubi/Incubi are not known to reproduce among each other. They are able to create cursed half children by mating with creatures from other races.Succubi/Incubi often enjoy spreading their blood as all their children get a "true name" which forces them to obey any commands given by the succubi/incubi parent. This lets them create an absolutely loyal group of pawns. It is not known whether succubi/incubi are able to populate themselves.

They themselves are not able to leave the plane of memories. However they are able to manipulate the memories of creatures in other planes to trick them into summoning the succubi/incubi. Manipulating memories for them is considered similar to playing a harp. They call people they have successfully manipulated into serving them as "Symphonies" because of this, Sometimes shortened to "Symps".