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Winter One

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Experiences Delivered: 213
Release date: January 14th, 2021


Movement: W/A/S/D or Mouse
Toggle Shooting: Spacebar
Begin Shooting: Click


This is the first game Arnold and myself have worked on and created. Its a pretty simple endless scrolling shooter with 2 different enemy types. We could of developed more but we decided to instead try and move on to a different game. It was supposed to be a short 1-2 week project that ended up taking over 3 weeks to finish.

This was mostly a project about learning the ins and and outs of the Godot Engine, as well as how publishing the game on my own website would be. Turns out there is a lot of different technologies that go together to make it work on my website and look very presentable. Ended up learning a lot about creating games on Godot as well as configuring my Ruby on Rails website to host it.

If you have feedback or just wanna chat about the game, feel free to email or message me!

Credits and Source Code:

Source Code

All the coding and visual art was done by Arnold and myself. While the various sounds and were taken from and, and the song was from

Menu Selection Click

Muffled Distant Explosion


Blackout(Gameplay Song)

Laser 09

Main Menu Ambiance